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Financial Planning

Meets needs and goals only
Based on limited ideas of "what you can afford."

Minimizes requirements
"How much do I have to save?"

Product-oriented (what you buy)
Focus is primarily on buying certain products.

Focused on rate-of-return
"How much is this earning me?"

Institutions control your money
Put your assets "under management" (and/or give control to the government.)

Micro (vacuum) based
Focus is on your "portfolio."

Net worth is measurement
A bigger portfolio is the goal.

Retirement oriented
Your reward for work is not working.

Lives only on interest
At mercy of interest rates, with fingers crossed you won't need to use principle.

Money stays still
Assets are accumulated into accounts where they sit, financially "stagnant."

Dollars do only one job
Save separately for emergencies, education, retirement, major purchases. Spend each dollar for one purpose only.

Professional planner is the expert
Finances are represented as something confusing that should be delegated.

Prosperity Economics

Pursues wants and dreams
Based on unlimited ideas of "what is possible?"

Optimizes opportunities
"How else can I build wealth?" mindset.

Strategy-oriented (what you do)
Based on time-tested principles and financial philosophies used to build wealth.

Focused on recovering opportunity cost
Keep more money working for you.

You control your money
Maintain responsibility for and access to your assets and funds.

Macro (big picture) based
View your whole personal economy.

Cash flow is measurement
The goal is more money to enjoy each month.

Abundant/Freedom oriented
Enjoy your work and your life - all life long.

Spends and replaces principle
A flexible, sustainable way to live.

Money moves
Your personal economy is alive and well; money flows in and out of accounts

Dollars do more jobs
Dollars are used for flexible and multiple purposes.

Clients are empowered
Money is demystified. Education-based approach builds financial confidence.

Are You...

Losing control over your money in accumulation accounts (like a 401k or IRA) and having to pay penalties if you want to access your money before 59.5?

Taking tax deductions now by putting your money in retirement plans that can subject you to unknown future taxes later?

Maxing out your 401k and crossing your fingers that you will someday have enough to live on without running out?

Putting your faith in companies who charge management fees, no matter if your accounts are gaining or losing?

Being asked to analyze your "risk tolerance" (how comfortable you are with losing your money) while subjecting your assets to losses?

Three Pillars

Here are my Three Pillars:

I - Efficiency:

This means ensuring that your dollars are being utilized in the most effective way possible, and there are no "leaks" in your personal economy. Your dollars are able to do many jobs, not just one.

II - Control:

Control involves maintaining the ability to do what YOU want with your money, when YOU want. Not just when a company or government mandates.

III - Safety:

How much tolerance to risk do you have? This is asked on most "typical" financial questionnaires. The answer should be zero tolerance to losing any of your money! YES! It IS possible to build wealth without taking on risks.

Your financial future and certainty do not have to rely on handing your money over to Wall Street by putting money in a 401(k), mutual fund, or an IRA and hoping there will be enough for you to live on someday. There are more sustainable ways to grow your wealth, and I want to help you utilize that as soon as possible.

1. Why

How to properly invest and prepare financially is changing. In order for people to have certainty in their financial lives, financial education has to improve. I am passionate about revealing the truth behind financial concepts, and helping people achieve their personal and financial goals.

2. How

My job is to simply enhance what you are already doing. I look at your entire financial situation as a blank canvas, and I work with you to implement strategies that will achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

3. What

By building a strong foundation with strategies such as the Infinite Banking Concept and Cash Flow Banking, this allows you to have options and the ability to not only invest in yourself, but also invest in cash-flowing assets that can help you achieve financial independence.

When do you want to reach your maximum wealth and potential? When would it be appropriate to have a discussion that brings hundreds of thousands of dollars, with certainty, to you and your family without increasing your risks? Would you like to create a financial legacy that gives your family an opportunity to guarantee wealth for generations?

The Process

1) Reach out to me via e-mail/phone to schedule a phone call to determine if it's a mutual fit to work together

2) Schedule a discovery meeting to gather all relevant information to your financial future/picture

3) Implementation of the strategies that make the most sense to your financial future.

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